The Guarini Teaching Award

The Teaching Award will be awarded annually to the graduate teaching assistant who best exemplifies the qualities of a college educator. The individual should combine personal qualities of dedication and commitment to teaching, with innovation, creativity, preparedness and efficiency in the classroom. The award is designed to reward students for their activities as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses at Dartmouth College or on Dartmouth College Foreign Study Programs. Instruction activities may take place in laboratories, discussion groups, or other similar forums.

The recipient will be selected by the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies in conjunction with faculty reviewers. Each program or department can nominate one student each year. The nomination should include a letter of support explaining the student's contributions and experience. Students may be nominated for activities as teaching assistants in more than one course and may be nominated more than one time.

Awardees from Physics and Astronomy

2022: Ethan Williams
2018: Christopher Carroll

2014: Philip Fernandes
2010: David Sicilia
2009: Sara Walker
2007: Daniel Milisavlijevic
2006: Timothy Gilheart