Lorenza Viola

Professor of Physics

Lorenza Viola is a theoretical physicist specializing in quantum information science. Following a Laurea (Master) degree in Physics from the University of Trento, Italy (1991), and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Padua, Italy (1996), she has been a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a J. R. Oppenheimer Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She joined Dartmouth College as an Associate Professor in 2004. She has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2014.

Curriculum Vitae
247 Wilder
HB 6127
Physics and Astronomy
M.S. Physics, Summa Cum Laude, University of Trento, Italy
Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, University of Padua, Italy

Selected Publications

V. M. Frey, S. Mavadia, L. M. Norris, W. de Ferranti, D. G. Lucarelli, L. Viola, and M. J. Biercuk, "Application of optimal band-limited control protocols to quantum noise sensing,'' Nature Communications 8, 2189 (2017). 

A. Alase, E. Cobanera, G. Ortiz, and L. Viola, "A generalization of Bloch's theorem for arbitrary boundary conditions: Theory,'' Physical Review B 96, 195133 (2017).  Selected as Editors' Suggestion

P. D. Johnson, F. Ticozzi, and L. Viola, "Exact quasi-local stabilization of entangled states in finite time,'' Physical Review A 96, 012308 (2017). 

A. Alase, E. Cobanera, G. Ortiz, and L. Viola, "Exact solution of quadratic fermionic Hamiltonians for arbitrary boundary conditions," Physical Review Letters 117, 076804 (2016).    

L. M. Norris, G. A. Paz-Silva, and L. Viola, "Qubit noise spectroscopy for non-Gaussian dephasing environments,'' Physical Review Letters 116, 150503 (2016).

A. Poudel, G. Ortiz, and L. Viola, "Dynamical generation of Floquet Majorana flat bands in s-wave superconductors,"  Europhysics Letters 110, 17004 (2015).

G. Paz-Silva and L. Viola, "General transfer-function approach to noise filtering in open-loop quantum control," Physical Review Letters 113, 250501 (2014).

K. Khodjasteh, T. J. Green, J. Sastrawan, D. Hayes, M. J.  Biercuk, and L. Viola, "Designing a practical high-fidelity long-time quantum memory,'' Nature Communications 4, 2045 (2013).

C. Ramanathan, P. Cappellaro, L. Viola, and D. G. Cory, "Experimental characterization of coherent magnetization transport in a one-dimensional spin system,'' New Journal of  Physics 13, 103015 (2011).

K. Khodjasteh, D. A. Lidar, and L. Viola, Arbitrarily accurate dynamical control in open quantum systems,’’ Physical Review Letters 104, 090501 (2010).

H. Barnum, E. Knill, G. Ortiz, R. Somma, and L. Viola, "A subsystem-independent generalization of entanglement,'' Physical Review Letters 92, 107902 (2004).

K. Khodjasteh and L. Viola, Dynamically error-corrected gates for universal quantum computation," Physical Review Letters 102, 080501 (2009).

R. Blume-Kohout, H. K. Ng, D. Poulin, and L. Viola, "Characterizing the structure of preserved information in quantum processes,'' Physical Review Letters 100, 030501 (2008).

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Works in Progress

Robust control of quantum information via dynamical quantum suppression, quantum noise spectroscopy

Dissipative control of open-system dynamics, quantum reservoir engineering

Majorana modes in topological superconductors; bulk-boundary correspondence; quantum phase transitions

Entanglement and generalized entanglement; monogamy and shareability, quantum marginals