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  • Exploring itinerant states in divalent hexaborides using rare-earth L edge resonant inelastic X-ray scattering

    Donal A.F. Sheets, Vincent P Flynn, Jungho Kim, Mary Upton, Diego Casa, et al.

    Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter 32, 135601 (2019)

  • Thermal dynamics in the flux-coordinate independent turbulence code GRILLIX

    W. Zholobenko, A. Stegmeir, T. Body, A. Ross, P Manz, et al.

    Contributions to Plasma Physics e201900131 (2019)

  • Crossing of Plasma Structures by Spacecraft: A Path Calculator

    R. Manuzzo, G. Belmont, L. Rezeau, F. Califano, Richard Denton

    Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics 124, 101029 (2019)

  • Quantification of magnetic nanoparticles by compensating for multiple environment changes simultaneously

    Y. Shi, D. Jyoti, S. W. Gordon-Wylie, J. B. Weaver

    Nanoscale 12, 195 (2020)


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