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  • Exploring Localization in Nuclear Spin Chains

    Ken Xuan Wei, Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Paola Cappellaro

    Physical Review Letters, 120, February 12, 2018

  • Perturbative unitarity constraints on the NMSSM Higgs Sector

    Kassahun Betre, Sonia El Hedri, Devin G. Walker

    Physics of the Dark Universe, 11 November 2017

  • Hardware-efficient fermionic simulation with a cavity–QED system

    Guanyu Zhu, Yiğit Subaşı, James Daniel Whitfield, Mohammad Hafezi

    npj Quantum Information. Volume 4, Article number: 16 (2018)

  • On the treatment of l-changing proton–hydrogen Rydberg atom collisions

    D. Vrinceanu, Roberto Onofrio , H. R. Sadeghpour

    MNRAS 471, 3051–3056 (2017)