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  • Senior Honor Thesis 2022

    2022 Senior Honors Graduates - Shadi Ali Ahmed, Chris Candelora, Owen Eskandari, Clara Goldberger, Paola Karapataki, Ted McManus, Astoria Zehua Song, Ben Squarer, Ian Stiehl, Timothy Strang

    Senior Honor Thesis 2022
  • The Mystery Behind Magnetic Explosions Explained

    "The rate at which magnetic field lines reconnect is of extreme importance for processes in space that can impact Earth," said Yi-Hsin Liu, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth. "After decades of effort, we now have a full theory to address this long-standing problem."

    Solar flare
  • Lasers and Ultracold Atoms Combine in One-of-a-Kind Lab

    Dartmouth is home to the first tunable superfluid circuit using electron-like atoms. At a lab in Wilder Hall, Daniel Allman, Guarini '23, left, and physics professor Kevin Wright observe a segment of the first superfluid circuit that uses ultracold electron-like atoms. (Photo by Robert Gill)

    Kevin Wright and Daniel Allman
  • Meet our newest condensed matter physics colleague

    The Department of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to announce that Dr. Rufus Boyack will join Dartmouth as an Assistant Professor this coming July. Dr. Boyack is a condensed-matter theorist exploring fundamental aspects of strongly correlated quantum systems. Welcome, Rufus!

    Dr. Rufus Boyack
  • LAMP mission launched

    The 317 group (Lynch Rocket Lab) launched their 3rd successful rocket mission this year, March 5th from Poker Flat Alaska. The LAMP mission instruments were built by Dartmouth students Grace Kwon, Ted McManus, Caitlin Lynch, Magda Moses, Ruthie Nordhoff, Jules van Irsel; and staff Ralph Gibson, Alan Goldblatt, Jeff Renk, and Whitey Adams.

    LAMP Launch March 5, 2022
  • 'Split' Photon Provides New Way to See Light

    "Every photon can be thought of as the sum of two distinct halves," says Vincent Flynn, Guarini '22, the lead author of the paper. "We were able to identify conditions for isolating these halves from one another." (Photo by Eli Burakian '00)

     Vincent Flynn, Guarini '22, of the Viola Research Group, and Lorenza Viola, the James Frank Family Professor of Physics.
  • C-REX2 launched from Andoya Research Range, Norway

    Sounding rocket C-REX2 launched December 1st from Andoya Research Range, Norway. Grad student Magda Moses from the 317 lab, and UAF/GI grad student Matt Blandin, are in the field for this. First reports are excellent science conditions and instrument performance. The mission studies the Earth's auroral cusp.

    C-REX2 Launch, December 1, 2021

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