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  • Scaling Laws for harmonically trapped two-species mixtures at thermal equilibrium

    F. Jauffred, Roberto Onofrio , B. Sundaram

    Physical Review E 99, 022116 (2019)

  • Dark matter amnesia in out-of-equilibrium scenarios

    J. Berger, D. Croon, S. E. Hedri, K. Jedamzik, A. Perko, et al.

    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 02 2019, 051 (2019)

  • Three‐Dimensional Magnetic Reconnection With a Spatially Confined X‐Line Extent: Implications for Dipolarizing Flux Bundles and

    Yi-Hsin Liu, T. C. Li, M .Hesse, W. J. Sun, J. Liu, et al.

    JGR Space Physics. 124, 2819-2830 (2019)

  • Quantizing time: Interacting clocks and systems

    Alexander R. H. Smith, M., Ahmadi

    Quantum 3, 160 (2019)