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  • Mathematical models of Markovian dephasing

    F. Fagnola, JE Gough, H Nurdin, Lorenza Viola

    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 52, 385301 (2019)

  • Measuring the Obscuring Column of a Disk Megamaser AGN in a Nearby Merger

    A. Masini, A. Comastri, Ryan Hickox, M. Koss, F. Civano, et al.

    Astrophysical Journal. 882, 83 (2019)

  • Emergent Prethermalization Signatures in Out-of-Time Ordered Correlations

    K. X. Wei, P. Peng, O. Shtanko, I. Marvian, S. Lloyd, et al.

    Physical Review Letters. 123, 090605 (2019)

  • Cosmic time slip: Testing gravity on supergalactic scales with strong-lensing time delays

    D. Jyoti, J. B. Munoz, Robert R. Caldwell, M. Kamionkowski

    Physical Review D. 100, 043031 (2019)