Alumni Advisory Board



This Board is established to provide the College and the Department with the help and advice of its professional physics alumni. It is anticipated that the Board will assist the Faculty and the Department Chair in the development of new opportunities and strategies, while maintaining its unique areas of teaching and research excellence. It is particularly important for the Board to alert the Department of extramural educational and research programs and to provide appropriate funding information and advice. Synergistic opportunities at Dartmouth within the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine will be evaluated. The effectiveness of the Department within Dartmouth's liberal arts setting will also be reviewed periodically, including its curricular and independent outreach to students majoring in the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions, the Interdisciplinary Programs, and also the Department's public lecture offerings to the community.



The Associate Dean for the Sciences appoints the Members of the Board for three-year terms. Reappointment to additional three-year terms may be made when mutually agreeable. The Chair (Co-Chairs) of the Board should be suggested by the Department Chair, and formally appointed by the Associate Dean for three-year terms. The Board will be autonomous of the Department, and will act solely in an advisory role. Thus, it will in no way dictate or set policy, or be involved at any level with personnel matters, including faculty searches, tenure and promotion decisions. Board members will serve without compensation. It is anticipated that the Board will consist of approximately fifteen physics and astronomy alumni representing a broad range of postgraduate experiences. The Board may be asked to advise the Department Chair and the Associate Dean on the make-up and frequency of external reviews of the Department.



An annual meeting of the Board will be held on campus on a Saturday in October or early November, beginning in 2012. The Chair (Co-Chairs) will set the agenda, in concert with the Department Chair, and will send out invitations. The format of the meeting may change from year-to-year. The Charter may be reviewed at the meeting and necessary changes made in consultation with the Board. Information with regard to strategic plans and budget should be made available to the Board prior to the meeting. It is suggested that a Department Colloquium be given by one of the Board members on the Friday afternoon preceding the Saturday meeting. The Department Chair will give a summary description of the "state of the department" on Saturday morning followed by faculty and/or student presentations. Time should be allowed for tours of laboratories and new facilities. The Board will host a reception for senior College administrators, faculty, students and the Board. An annual report of the Board will be sent to the Associate Dean within a month of the annual meeting. This annual meeting of the Board should be regarded as an important social event for the Department, its faculty, students, and colleagues from other departments at Dartmouth. Operational expenses and staff support will be provided, when necessary, by the Department and not by the Dean's office.

The Board will have access to non-confidential departmental materials. The Chair (Co-Chairs) will be responsible for orchestrating interactions amongst the members on "matters of importance". The Department Chair will help to identify and originate these items, with the assistance, as necessary, of the Associate Dean. It is expected that only a subset of the full Board membership will/can attend the meeting each year, but a quorum of five members is regarded as necessary.