The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers separate majors in Astronomy, Physics and Engineering Physics.  

About the Majors

The physics and astronomy majors at Dartmouth are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in analytic thinking, problem solving, and the fundamentals of physics and astronomy. The introductory courses are offered at a number of levels: you can begin a major at Dartmouth even if you've never had any physics or astronomy before. There are also introductory sequences designed for students with advanced placement in just math, or in both math and physics. Later on, a wide variety of upper-level electives allows each student to tailor the physics and astronomy majors to match their own interests. 

Students who are interested in both the fundamental aspects of physics and in practical applications may want to consider the Engineering Physics major. This program offers a broad array of courses drawn from both the Physics and Astronomy Department and the Thayer School of Engineering. Other modified majors are also available to increase flexibility for students with a strong interest in physics and astronomy within specific contexts, hard-scientific or not.

To view physics and astronomy major requirements, and suggested underclassmen sequences, check out the ORC page Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy.