Modified Major

Requirements for the modified major

Prerequisites and Requirements

Students interested in such careers as engineering physics, geophysics, biophysics, chemical physics, medicine, medical imaging, and other health professions can propose a modified major consisting of ten courses (at least six from the Physics and Astronomy Department). It is also possible to modify the physics major with courses outside the science division (for example, with courses in history, government, education or literature). In all cases, the student prepares a written proposal explaining how the courses form a unified and intellectually coherent program of study, which is then approved by the department chair.

A modified major must be approved by the Registrar and must satisfy the requirements given in the ORC. The most important requirement is that the major be "planned as a unified, coherent whole." To ensure this, the student is required to provide a written rationale of the intellectual coherence of the proposed program, which must be approved by the major advisor (or other representative) of both departments involved.