Physics & Astronomy - Astronomy Seminar - Dr. Shazrene Mohamed, SAAO

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Physics & Astronomy - Astronomy Seminar - Dr. Shazrene Mohamed, SAAO

Title: "3D Models of Symbiotic Binaries"

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Wilder 202
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Lectures & Seminars

Abstract: Symbiotic  binaries consist of a cool, evolved mass-losing giant and an accreting, compact companion. Using 3D hydrodynamic simulations, we demonstrate a new mass-transfer mode, Wind Roche-Lobe Overflow (WRLOF), for these interacting systems. We show that this mode occurs when the wind acceleration zone lies close to, or is a significant fraction of, the Roche-lobe radius; the giant's dense stellar wind fills the Roche lobe and is transferred to the companion through the inner Lagrangian point, L1. The circumstellar outflows which result tend to be highly aspherical and strongly focused towards the binary orbital plane. The mass-transfer rates are also at least an order of magnitude greater than the analogous Bondi-Hoyle-Littleton wind accretion values. We discuss the implications of these results for symbiotic binaries and other related systems, e.g. barium stars, bipolar planetary nebulae, Type Ia supernovae and X-ray binaries. 

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