BARREL Researcher's Paper Highlighted in NASA Article

Dartmouth post-doc Alexa Halford's latest paper using BARREL data is highlighted in a NASA article. BARREL was designed to study how electrons from Earth’s radiation belts – vast swaths of particles trapped in Earth’s magnetic field hundreds of miles above the surface – can make their way down into the atmosphere. The BARREL campaign is primarily tasked with supplementing observations by NASA’s Van Allen Probes, which are dedicated to studying these radiation belts. However, solar energetic electrons happen to be in the same energy range as those radiation belt electrons, meaning that BARREL can see both.  

Dartmouth Physics Society Talk

The Dartmouth Physics Society has invited Professor Timothy Smith ( to give a talk on proton therapy. He will be talking about his research with accelerators for cancer treatment.  The talk will take place on Wednesday, January 13th, at 4 pm in the Wilder blue room.

Directions: Wilder is the building in between Richardson dorm and Fairchild. Enter the big green double doors. The blue room is the one on the first floor, all the way to the right of the TV.

All are welcome!