Rahul Sarpeshkar

  • Thomas E. Kurtz Professor

  • Professor of Physics

  • Professor of Engineering, Microbiology & Immunology, and Molecular & Systems Biology

Professor Sarpeshkar's interdisciplinary research uses analog circuits and analog computation as a universal language to design advanced quantum, bio-molecular, and nano-electronic circuits and systems, from atom to living cell. These systems are experimentally implemented in living synthetic microbial DNA-RNA-protein circuits in his wet lab, and in nano-electronic supercomputing chips that simulate biological and quantum computation in his dry lab. They also aid in the design of novel superconducting or NMR dynamical systems. Many common circuit themes in analog, physical, and biological computation include noise and thermodynamics, fault tolerance, feedback control, back action and loading, entanglement and correlation, precision measurement,  nonlinear dynamics, robustness-efficiency tradeoffs, scalability,  and hybrid quantum-classical operation. Professor Sarpeshkar recently filed four important patents on quantum computation with analog circuits and has just been elected to the National Academy of Inventors.

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  • BS, Electrical Engineering and Physics, MIT
  • PhD, Computation and Neural Systems, California Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

  • R. Sarpeshkar, "Emulation of Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Spectrum Analysis and Superposition With Classical Transconductor-Capacitor Circuits", U.S. Patent No. 10,204,199 B2. Issued Feb. 12th 2019

  • R. Sarpeshkar, “A Quantum Cochlea for Efficient Spectrum Analysis”, U.S. Patent No. 10,248,748 B2. Issued Apr. 2nd 2019.

  • R. Sarpeshkar, “Emulation of Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Discrete-State Systems with Classical Transconductor-Capacitor Circuits”, U.S. Patent Application No. 10,275,556. Issued Apr. 30th 2019

  • R. Sarpeshkar, “Emulation of Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Dynamical Systems with Classical Transconductor-Capacitor Circuits”, U.S. Patent App. 15826084, Filed Nov. 29th 2017. Provisional App. 62427776, Filed Nov. 29th 2016.

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Ultra Low Power Bioelectronics: Fundamentals, Biomedical Applications, and Bio-inspired Systems, Rahul Sarpeshkar,  Cambridge University Press, 2010



Fellow, National Academy of Inventors

Fellow, IEEE


ONR Young Investigator Award

Packard Fellow Award

Junior Bose Teaching Award, MIT



Award-Winning Scientist to Be First Faculty Cluster Chair,   Dartmouth Now,   July 7, 2015