David Hatch, University of Texas at Austin

Title: "Kinetic Plasma Turbulence: New Insights Into Its Fundamental Nature and Implications for Fusion Energy" (Video)

Abstract:  Turbulence is ubiquitous in both space and laboratory plasmas. These plasmas are often hot and/or diffuse, which requires the use of kinetic theory, the description of particle distribution functions in a high-dimensional phase space.  Turbulence in this phase space exhibits a rich variety of dynamics, altering standard fluid turbulence paradigms in fascinating ways. I will describe new insights into the fundamental nature of kinetic plasma turbulence (applicable to both natural and laboratory plasmas). I will also discuss breakthroughs in understanding and modeling plasma turbulence in fusion devices, addressing the question: what do plasma turbulence simulations say about the prospects for fusion energy and how can such simulations advance these prospects?