Dartmouth Students Compete in International Physicists' Tournament

Have you ever wanted to build your own nail gun? Have you wondered why fluorescent light bulbs randomly flicker before they fail? These are examples of the problems six Dartmouth students will answer at the International Physicists’ Tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden from April 8 – 13, 2017. Sam Greydanus ’17 will present his work on why a chain will “walk” if a short impulse is applied to a long chain spinning around a horizontal axis. Margaret Lane ’17 has been popping popcorn to determine if she can estimate the jump height of the popcorn based on the ‘pop’ sound. Each problem has an experimental and theoretical component that students will present at the competition. The team is grateful for support from the Dartmouth Student Experiential Learning Fund. They are looking forward to meeting other teams from around the world and leaning different approaches to solving the problems. They are also looking forward to continuing with the competition next year. If you are interested in joining the team for 2018, contact Margaret. Best of luck to the Dartmouth team!


Sam Greydanus ’17

Margaret Lane ‘17

Jack Neustadt ‘17

Krishan Canzius ‘18

Christopher Yu ‘19

Christine (Hang) Qi ‘19