Barrel Team Completes Successful Balloon Campaign in Northern Sweden

The Dartmouth BARREL (Balloon Array for Radiation belt Relativistic Electron Losses) team successfully launched its first payload of this campaign from the Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden on August 10th. The team is collecting data to further their study of Earth's Radiation Belts. The Dartmouth team, led by Robyn Millan, arrived at the site north of the Arctic Circle on August 2nd to begin making last minute preparations for the launch.  The first BARREL payload (3A) was recovered by helicopter in the morning on Tuesday, August 11.  The magnetometer boom was bent out of shape,  but the payload was otherwise in good shape and functioning. 

Several more payloads were launched over the last few weeks. The last two payloads were recovered August 31, marking the end of a very successful campaign

To follow the BARREL team's progress visit their blog: