Physics and Astronomy to Host the RQIN 2015 Conference

Dartmouth has been selected as the first U.S. site to hold The Relativistic Quantum Information – North 2015 Workshop,  July 5-8, 2015. Under the auspices of the International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information, this is the sixth in the series of such meetings taking place in the Northern Hemisphere. This workshop series aims to bring together researchers working across quantum information science, quantum field theory in curved spacetime, and quantum gravity.

“Relativistic Quantum Information” explores a range of topics from the very fundamental, such as what happens to the information content of a quantum object that falls into a black hole, to the practical, such as how quantum communication over large distances is affected by changing gravitational fields. Professors Miles Blencowe and Lorenza Viola of the Physics and Astronomy Department are hosting the conference. That Dartmouth has been selected to hold this international conference is recognition of the leading research in quantum information that is taking place here. Read more here.