Successful GreenCube7 Launch and Recovery

GreenCube7 was launched at 10:45am and recovered at 3pm on Saturday, November 8, 2014. The launch team consisted of Maya Moten, Saba Nejad, Jon Vandermause, Jacob Weiss, Meghan Harrington, Rob Clayton, and Ralph Gibson. The recovery team was Greg Partridge, Nick Newman, Peter Horak, and Tim Smith.

The goals of the GreenCube project are: (1) to maintain a scientifically interesting, student-driven CubeSat development and flight program in Dartmouth Physics; (2) to incorporate new design features into small payloads for Low Cost Access to Sapce (LCAS) auroral sounding rocket proposals by Professor Lynch; and (3) on a longer timescale, to incorporate designs into future plans for small orbiters, which potentially could include student-designed CubeSats. This has been the seventh continuous year of our JPL-funded GreenCube project, and we hope to continue this constructive project.