Joachim Ankerhold, University of Ulm

Topic: "The noise is the signal - and more news from classical and quantum environments"  (Video)

Abstract: Realistic systems are never completely isolated, but are embedded in fluctuating environments. This issue has become of particular relevance with the spectacular progress in tailoring superconducting devices of growing complexity. Integrated circuits can be operated in the classical as well as in the quantum regime and thus allow to study fundamental processes far from equilibrium with unprecedented accuracy. Recently, it has turned out that noise is not always an annoying side aspect, but can also carry information or even be used as a resource. In this talk I will discuss theoretical challenges and current experimental developments. Topical realizations include the detection of charge noise in mesoscopic conductors, quantum coherence in presence of strong dissipation, and cooperative effects of driving and dissipation in artificial atoms and ultra-cold atomic gases.