Alex Pope, U. Mass Amherst

Topic: "Dust-obscured activity in high redshift galaxies"  (Video)

Abstract: We now know that the majority of the star formation activity at high redshift occurs behind dust. Building on the success of the first extragalactic submm surveys over a decade ago, I will discuss recent observations with Spitzer and Herschel that have advanced our understanding of dust emission in high redshift galaxies; these observations can help to determine how intense star formation and active galactic nuclei growth proceeds in the obscured galaxies that are orchestrating massive galaxy formation through major mergers and turbulent gas-rich disks. I will discuss whether there is evidence for evolution at high redshift. I’ll discuss how future large dish (sub)millimeter facilities, such as the Large Millimeter Teleschope (LMT), will directly detect the majority of the sources contributing to the infrared background allowing us to make a complete census of dust-obscured activity in the Universe.