Celebration of the Sciences: Lecture by Fiona Harrison '85

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Celebration of the Sciences: Lecture by Fiona Harrison '85

Fiona Harrison '85, Caltech dean and NuSTAR Principal Investigator, will give a public lecture as part of the 250th anniversary.

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Sears Lecture Hall (104 Wilder Laboratory)
Intended Audience(s): Public
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As part of Dartmouth's 250th anniversary celebration, Fiona Harrison '85 will give a public lecture. Selected recently as the NuSTAR Principal Investigator, Harrison is the Benjamin M. Rosen Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.

Title: From Spinning Black Holes to Exploding Stars - New Views on the Energetic Universe

Abstract: Using space-based telescopes that image the cosmos in high energy radiation we are exploring the densest, hottest, and most energetic regions in the Universe. These observatories are helping us to understand how black holes grow, how the elements that make up life are forged in extreme environments, and how matter behave in conditions beyond any we can create on Earth. In this talk I will describe how we are exploring the universe in X-rays, and how new observations are shedding light on how energetic processes shape objects - both familiar and exotic.

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