Physics & Astronomy - Senior Honor Thesis - Kent Ueno, Dartmouth College

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Physics & Astronomy - Senior Honor Thesis - Kent Ueno, Dartmouth College

Title: "Entanglement Spectra of Engineered NMR Spin Hamiltonians"

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Wilder 104
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Abstract: Understanding how information spreads in a many-body quantum system is important, both from a fundamental physics perspective and for the development of quantum computers. One popular method is to look at the spread of entanglement, which offers insight into how information spreads. Recently two metrics, eigenstate entanglement spectrum (EES) and entanglement spectrum statistics (ESS) have gained attention as theoretical metrics of entanglement for their ability to differentiate between localized and thermalized phases in some lattice spin models. EES probes entanglement of eigenstates of the Hamiltonian, while ESS examines how entangled a random product state becomes over time. Here we use the two metrics to study the properties of a class of experimentally accessible 1D nearest-neighbor coupled spin Hamiltonians that can be implemented in solid-state NMR experiments. We show that this model does indeed display a rich dynamical behavior, exhibiting features associated with integrability, thermalization, and many body localization. In this study we identify several regimes of interest and analyze them using both metrics. Since this system can be reproduced with a model NMR system, these findings can guide the design of NMR experiments to probe these dynamical transitions.

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