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  • Galaxy pairs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey - XII. The fuelling mechanism of low-excitation radio-loud AGN

    Sara L. Ellison, David R. Patton, Ryan Hickox

    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, Volume 451, Issue 1, p.L35-L39

  • Cosmological consequences of classical flavor-space locked gauge field radiation

    Jannis Bielefeld, Robert R. Caldwell

    Physical Review D, Volume 91, Issue 12, id.124004

  • Global-scale coherence modulation of radiation-belt electron loss from plasmaspheric hiss

    A.W. Breneman, Alexa Halford, Robyn M. Millan, M. McCarthy, J. Fennell, et al.

    Nature, 523 (2015) 193

  • Switching quantum dynamics for fast stabilization

    Pierre Scaramuzza, Francesco Ticozzi

    Physical Review, A 91, 062314 (2015)