Spencer Hatch

Postdoctoral Associate in Physics and Astronomy

I am part of the LaBelle Space Physics Group, where I have primarily studied the role of Alfvén waves in energy deposition, electron acceleration, and ion heating in the high-latitude ionosphere. I am also part of the Cusp Alfvén and Plasma Electrodynamics Rocket (CAPER) campaign, set to launch winter 2015 from the Andøya Rocket Range in Andøya, Norway. As suggested by the name, we will be studying Alfvén and plasma waves (or Langmuir waves) in the cusp of the earth's magnetic field at ionospheric altitudes.I can easily be engaged in a conversation on music, and I try to escape my office each day to exercise. Sundays you can often find me playing the organ for a local congregation or the piano for a local children's choir.

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B.S. in Physics, Weber State University, Ogden UT