Hui Wang

Postdoctoral Associate

I am a PhD student working with Prof. Miles Blencowe. Our research interests are relativistic quantum information and macroscopic quantum phenomena. In a previous project we investigated the impact of voltage bias noise on macroscopic microwave photon quantum states generated inside a self-oscillating, superconducting cavity due to coupling to a nonlinear, voltage-biased Josephson junction; this work was inspired by the Cooper-pair laser device developed by Prof. Alex Rimberg.  Currently we are focusing on possible realizations of vacuum fluctuation amplification phenomena in the lab. Our current projects utilize superconducting quantum circuits to demonstrate close analogues of the Unruh effect, which predicts that a photodetector accelerating in the electromagnetic Minkowski vacuum would experience thermal radiation. We are also formulating a procedure to describe photon creation from vacuum from the point of view of accelerating photodetector reference frames that are treated as (quantum) dynamical systems.


302 Wilder


B.S. Ningbo University, China