Dartmouth Students Present at MIT Summer Undergraduate Cosmology Workshop

Nizar Ezroura and Parker Gardner presented a successful talk on their work with Assistant Professor Devin Walker at the MIT Summer Undergraduate Cosmology Workshop on August 2nd.  In the picture, they are standing with Alan Guth, the eminent MIT professor.  Their talk was entitled "The Limits of Dark Matter from Electroweak Symmetry Breaking."  

Nizar Ezroura and Parker Gardner computed the amount of dark matter generated in the early universe for a common set of highly motivated dark matter models.  Their work will be part of a publication, expected this fall, that is done in collaboration with Sonia El Hedri (Johannes Gutenberg Universitat), Chen Sun (Dartmouth), Tim Tait (University of California, Irvine), Devin Walker (Dartmouth) and Graham White (TRIUMF).