Seminars are offered throughout each academic term by the research groups within the department. Please check back frequently for updates to the seminar schedule.

Winter 2017 Particle Theory and Experimental Particle Seminars

Date/Time/Location Speaker Affiliation Topic
1/19/17, 4:00 pm James Sully McGill University Teaching old CFTs new gravity tricks
1/23/17, 3:00 pm Chris Rasmussen Aarhus University ALPHA Anti-hydrogen Spectrum Result
2/6/17, 3:00 pm Miriam Diamond University of Toronto/Carleton University Dark Photon Searches at ATLAS
2/9/17, 4:00 pm Joshua Berger University of Wisconsin-Madison Hydrogen Axion Star: Metallic Hydrogen Bound to a QCD Axion BEC
2/20/17, 3:00 pm Matthew Henry Klein Columbia University R-parity violating SUSY with Multileptons
3/16/17, 4:00 pm Hou Keong Lou  University of California, Berkeley Smoking Gun Signatures for Quirky Oscillations
2/23/17, 4:00 pm Zackaria Chacko University of Maryland

Cosmological Signals of a Hidden Dark Matter Sector

3/2/17, 4:00 pm Gustavo Marques Tavares Stanford University Relaxation from Particle Production

3/6/17, 3:00 pm

Mateusz Dyndal


First Light by Light Scattering Measurement at ATLAS

3/9/17, 4:00 pm David Kaplan Johns Hopkins Large Field Excursions from a Clockwork Axion
3/20/17, 3:00 pm Veronica Sanz Gonzalez University of Sussex  Perspectives on Higgs EFTs


Winter 2017 Space Plasma Seminars

Date/Time/Location Speaker Affiliation Topic
1/10/17, 3:30 Dustin Fisher University of New Mexico

"Turbulence, Neutrals, Jets, and Spheromaks in the HelCat Dual-Source Plasma Device"

1/17/17, 3:30

Max Roberts

Dartmouth College

"Thermal Plasma Characterization with Retarding Potential Analyzers"


Matt Zettergren

Embry Riddle

"Auroral Ionospheric Modelling"


Toshi Nishimura

Boston University

"Auroral Imaging and Radars"