Seminars are offered throughout each academic term by the research groups within the department. Please check back frequently for updates to the seminar schedule.

Winter 2018 Astronomy Seminars

Date/Time/Location Speaker Affiliation Topic
2/1/18 Elisabeth Newton MIT TBA
2/6/18 Joseph Ramirez Harvard University TBA
2/8/18 Kristin McQuinn University of Texas, Austin TBA
2/13/18 Abigail Vieregg Chicago University TBA
2/15/18 Jedidah Isler Vanderbilt University TBA
2/20/18 Jason Dexter MPE Garching TBA

Winter 2017 Particle Theory and Experimental Particle Seminars

Date/Time/Location Speaker Affiliation Topic
1/19/17, 4:00 pm James Sully McGill University Teaching old CFTs new gravity tricks
1/23/17, 3:00 pm Chris Rasmussen Aarhus University ALPHA Anti-hydrogen Spectrum Result
2/6/17, 3:00 pm Miriam Diamond University of Toronto/Carleton University Dark Photon Searches at ATLAS
2/9/17, 4:00 pm Joshua Berger University of Wisconsin-Madison Hydrogen Axion Star: Metallic Hydrogen Bound to a QCD Axion BEC
2/20/17, 3:00 pm Matthew Henry Klein Columbia University R-parity violating SUSY with Multileptons
3/16/17, 4:00 pm Hou Keong Lou  University of California, Berkeley Smoking Gun Signatures for Quirky Oscillations
2/23/17, 4:00 pm Zackaria Chacko University of Maryland

Cosmological Signals of a Hidden Dark Matter Sector

3/2/17, 4:00 pm Gustavo Marques Tavares Stanford University Relaxation from Particle Production

3/6/17, 3:00 pm

Mateusz Dyndal


First Light by Light Scattering Measurement at ATLAS

3/9/17, 4:00 pm David Kaplan Johns Hopkins Large Field Excursions from a Clockwork Axion
3/20/17, 3:00 pm Veronica Sanz Gonzalez University of Sussex  Perspectives on Higgs EFTs


Winter 2017 Space Plasma Seminars

Date/Time/Location Speaker Affiliation Topic
1/10/17, 3:30 Dustin Fisher University of New Mexico

"Turbulence, Neutrals, Jets, and Spheromaks in the HelCat Dual-Source Plasma Device"

1/17/17, 3:30

Max Roberts

Dartmouth College

"Thermal Plasma Characterization with Retarding Potential Analyzers"


Matt Zettergren

Embry Riddle

"Auroral Ionospheric Modelling"


Toshi Nishimura

Boston University

"Auroral Imaging and Radars"