Max Roberts

Postdoctoral Associate

My doctoral research focused on the study of turbulence in plasmas confined by a dipole magnetic field. In particular, I studied how feedback in the form of injected currents could be used to modify this turbulence. I also developed a measurement technique to use the brightness fluctuations of particles passing through a plasma to observe the local fluctuation spectrum. The fluctuations from particles at different locations can be used to study the structure of the plasma in a multipoint manner.

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I currently work with Prof. Lynch's group studying the structure and dynamics of the auroral ionosphere via sounding rockets. Our upcoming mission (ISINGLASS) will make multipoint measurement of the aurora by ejecting four sub-payloads from the sides of each rocket. As these devices move away from the rocket, the scale of the measurement increases, allowing observation of auroral structure at different length scales. This work is also a "proof-of-principle" for a planned cubeSat mission using similar devices.

Outside of plasmas, I love everything robotics. I'm particularly interested in the use of MEMS devices for the tracking of human motion, development on cell phone based platforms, and automation/control systems in the lab.

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Personal Website
B.S. in Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, Columbia University